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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS an effective marketing tool

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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are SMS wherein general text format of SMS stays same with the exception of the variable data passed in. In India SMS traffic is partitioned into majorly two classes, Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. It falls under A2P classification. Transactional SMS are all in all intended to pass on important information to each one of the individuals who are a piece of the transaction or known individuals/bunch. SMS from Airlines, Banks, Insurance SMS, Ticket Booking, SMS from Hospitals or Health Organizations, SMS from Educational Institutes to folks/gatekeepers, Alert Messages, e-trade SMS,Stock SMS identified with Buy/Sell transaction, Information to representatives by means of SMS, SMS reconciliation with Inquiry form on Websites, Updates to clients, Participation Confirmation by Event Organizations. You are assigned six character Sender ID, so as you can send SMS by your organization/item brand. Transactional SMS are conveyed to each one of those even enlisted in DND (Do Not Disturb) & can be sent day in and day out.

Transactional SMS Features:

Six character Alphabetic Sender ID.
Delivery on DND numbers (Open DND Route).
Quick regard of the Templates by our tech team.
PAN India network with all Telecom Operators.
24×7 delivery.
Delivery Log of each SMS with Error Codes.
Real-time conveyance guaranteed.
Ready to utilize HTTPS, XML, Database API’s.
Easy to utilize GUI secured API’s utilizing HTTPS protocol.
Unlimited Templates.
Unlimited Sender ID.
Schedule SMS for future.
Quick reports.
24×7 unmatched client bolster. ( Email, Ticket, Phone, Chat).

Transactional SMS Gateway Allocated to the below categories only

Registered Banks & Financial Institution.
Registered Companies.
Credit Card Companies.
Insurance Company.
Airlines & Railway (Only for sending PNR details and ticket to passengers).
Registered Education Instituted (Only for sending information to parents).
E-Commerce website sending response to E commerce transactions made by their customers.
Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers).


Sender ID Approval

On request we shall email you Sender ID Approval Form which thusly you need to submit filling it rightfully. Typically it takes few hours for sender ID approval. On the off chance that your recommended Sender ID is clashing with whatever other National/International Brands, our group might suggest you with other ID options.


SMS Template Approval

Template approval in the event of Transactional SMS is mandatory. You have to email us your format for approbation & once affirmed we might arrange in our SMS Gateway server for filtration.


Programming or software Integration

For the most part Transactional SMS are coordinated inside of programming application. We have different ready techniques to incorporate SMS in programming application. We have XML API, Database API, HTTP API, and TEXT2SMS Software and additionally we can create Custom SMS API to incorporate SMS with your desktop and web application.


Why Transactional Routen

Transactional SMS Routes fundamentally you can use for sending critical alert and instructive messages. Since we are giving Templates based SMS subsequently is 100% secure and spam free.